Who says Social Media is not here to stay?

Here are some interesting statistics about the Internet that I read the other day:

  • Google has recently estimated that the internet today currently contains around 5 million terabytes of data or 5 billion gigabytes.
  • Google employs over 25,000 people globally
  • 247 billion emails are sent daily, of this amount 81% are Spam emails!
  • 87% of mobile internet users will access the internet more than once per day
  • Facebook has more than 6 million pageviews per minute and 2.5 billion images are uploaded each month.
  • You Tube serves over 1 billion videos per day
  • There are 50 million ‘Tweets’ performed each day, thats 600 per second!
  • Google is by far Australia’s most used search engine with over 87% of the AU marketshare (data is based on total number of searches performed on all search engines in the 4 weeks leading up to the 3/07/2010)
  • Top Australian websites for June 2010 were, Google, Nine MSN, You Tube, ebay and Yahoo 7
  • 95% of all music downloaded from the internet is pirated
  • There are over 400 million Facebook members globally, 50% of them on any given day logon to Facebook!
  • 25% (100 million) of those users access Facebook on a mobile device
  • Teenagers spend on average 31 hours on the internet per week, this is compared to 4 hours on homework!
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