EasyPC Training provides public Microsoft Project public courses in Gladstone Queensland, from beginners to advanced, using Microsoft Project 2019.

Manage a large range of projects, from small to large scale, dealing with tasks and resources.

Microsoft Project Training Courses available

Choose from our standard Microsoft Project training courses:

Microsoft Project Essentials

Duration: 2 days

Aimed at: those who want to set up or update a project schedule with tasks and resources, set a baseline and record actuals, and understand scheduling concepts such as work effort, contouring and levelling.


  • Basic computer experience, including keyboard and mouse skills
  • Familiarity with the Microsoft Windows
  • If you are not familiar with using a computer or Microsoft Windows, the Introduction to computers course will give you the skills to take this Project course.

Course Overview:

  • Create & Save Project files
  • Close & Open Project files
  • Customise Quick Access Toolbar
  • Work with Project views and Tables
  • Set up your Project file
  • Project calendars
  • Enter tasks and durations
  • Enter predecessors
  • Lag and Lead time
  • Enter work, material & cost resources
  • Assign resources
  • Schedule a Project
  • Work Effort and Contouring
  • Over-allocations and Leveling
  • Create a Baseline
  • Enter actual information
  • Using the Timescale
  • Print from Project

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Microsoft Project Advanced

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: those who want to use advanced scheduling tools, perform analysis, create custom view and reports, as well as managing multiple projects and resource pools.


  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Project
  • Good understanding of project scheduling concepts
  • Alternatively, completion of Project Essentials training course

Course Overview:

  • Analysing Data
  • WBS Codes
  • Formatting the Gantt Chart
  • Customising Fields, Tables & Views
  • Built-in Reports
  • Customising Reports
  • Using the Organiser
  • Project Templates
  • Combining Projects
  • Subprojects
  • Shared Resources
  • Downsizing Larger Projects

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