New Excel Essentials Online Course

We’ve added a new course to our E-Learning area:

Microsoft Excel Essentials

Learn how to create and edit basic spreadsheets containing simple calculations and links, and produce formatted and printable reports.
Topics include:

  • Create and save and Excel workbooks
  • Close and Open Existing workbooks
  • Change worksheet views
  • Customise the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Enter data into a workbook
  • Use the Copy and Fill handle
  • Copy data to another location
  • Edit data
  • Insert, delete, hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Use Find and Replace
  • Use Formulas
  • Insert, name and delete worksheets
  • Move and copy worksheets
  • Use Functions
  • Link data
  • Apply Quick Number Formatting
  • Change column widths and row heights
  • Align data in a cell
  • Print worksheets

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