Course Overview

The Word Intermediate course is aimed at those who want to work with objects such as pictures and tables, work with headers & footers and document sections, and use formatting styles and pagination to format a document efficiently.

Detailed Course Content

Page Settings

  • Set page orientation
  • Set paper size
  • Change page margins
  • Header and footer margins

Using Tabs in Paragraph Settings

  • Add tab position using paragraph settings
  • Add a tab leader to a tab stop position
  • Add alignment to a tab stop position
  • Clear tabs

Headers and Footers

  • Insert a header
  • Insert a footer
  • Change header & footer size and position

Applying Text Styles

  • Apply a heading style to a paragraph
  • Apply the normal style
  • Apply a bullet point style
  • Apply a numbered style

Modifying Styles

  • Modify the Normal style
  • Modify a heading style
  • Update a style based on selected text
  • Change text style to another style

Controlling Page Breaks

  • Start a new page for a specific style
  • Prevent styles being at bottom of page
  • Prevent paragraphs breaking over pages

Creating a Multilevel List Style

  • Create a multilevel bullet point style
  • Create a multilevel numbered style
  • Apply a multilevel list style

Creating a New Style

  • Create a new text style
  • Create a bullet point style

Organising Styles

  • Add style to Style Gallery
  • View All styles
  • View style in current document
  • View in-use styles
  • View the recommended style list
  • Create a recommended style list

Section Breaks

  • Types of section breaks
  • Insert a Next Page section break
  • Insert a Continuous section break
  • Insert an odd or even section break

Modifying Document Sections

  • Change header for a section
  • Change orientation for a section
  • Change section to multiple columns
  • Add a border to a section
  • Change section margins

Page Numbering

  • Insert page numbers into footer
  • Display page numbers in specific sections
  • Restart page numbering
  • Change page number format

Inserting Pictures

  • Insert a picture from your computer
  • View and insert online pictures

Resizing and Rotating Pictures

  • Resize a picture manually
  • Set a specific picture size
  • Rotate a picture manually
  • Set a specific rotation angle

Moving Pictures

  • Change wrap text layout option
  • Move a picture manually
  • Set a specific position

Table of Contents

  • Insert a built-in TOC
  • Create a custom TOC
  • Modify TOC styles
  • Change TOC layout settings
  • Update a TOC
  • Save TOC as a building block

Creating Custom Tables

  • Draw a table
  • Enter text into your table
  • Add pictures to your table

Formatting Tables

  • Align text horizontally
  • Align text vertically
  • Rotate text
  • Shade table cells
  • Change table borders
  • Change column width
  • Change row height

Changing Table Layout

  • Insert a row
  • Insert a column
  • Delete a row
  • Delete a column
  • Merge cells
  • Split cells

Table Properties

  • Align a table on the page
  • Wrap text around a table
  • Change cell margins
  • Prevent rows breaking over page

Creating a Word Template

  • Insert a cover page
  • Add generic document text and objects
  • Insert a table of contents
  • Restrict document styles
  • Save document as a template

Using a Word Template

  • Create new document based on template
  • Modify template styles
  • Modify template (other than styles)

Printable course information
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  • Experience with creating basic documents in Microsoft Word
  • Sound knowledge of font and paragraph formatting
  • Alternatively, completion of the Word Essentials training course