Course Overview

The Visio Essentials course is aimed at those who want to be able to create and edit professional-looking drawings and diagrams.

Detailed Course Content

Built-In Visio Templates

  • Visio Categories
  • Visio Templates

Create a Visio Diagram

  • Create a drawing from the Start Menu
  • Create a drawing from the Start Screen
  • Create a new drawing from Visio

Save a Visio Drawing

  • Save a new, previously unsaved drawing
  • Save (update) previous saved drawing
  • Save a drawing as a PDF document
  • Create a copy of your drawing
  • Pin a drawing to the recent file list

Close & Open Existing Drawings

  • Close a drawing
  • Close multiple drawings
  • Open an existing drawing from Visio
  • Open a drawing from File Explorer
  • Open a recent drawing

Change Drawing Views

  • Use the Zoom Slider
  • Shapes Task Pane
  • Drawing Page
  • Pasteboard

Customise Quick Access Toolbar

  • Move the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Add common buttons to the QAT
  • Add other buttons to the QAT

View Diagrams & Shape Stencils

  • Open a drawing
  • View shape stencils
  • View tool tabs

Add shapes to a diagram

  • Add a Basic Shape to the drawing page
  • Add multiples of the same shape
  • Copy a shape
  • Duplicate a shape

Select Shapes

  • Select a shape on a drawing page
  • Select multiple shapes
  • Select all shapes

Move Shapes

  • Move a single shape
  • Move multiple shapes
  • Align shapes automatically
  • Align shapes manually
  • Space shapes evenly

Resize Shapes

  • Resize a single shape
  • Resize multiple shapes

Format Shapes

  • Change colour of a shape
  • Change outline of a shape

Connect Shapes

  • Connect shapes manually
  • Connect shapes automatically
  • Format connector lines

Work with Text

  • Add text to a shape
  • Add text to a connector
  • Add a text block

Format Text

  • Format text in a shape
  • Format text in multiple shapes
  • Align text in a shape
  • Perform a spelling check

Create New Shapes

  • Insert a picture from your computer
  • Format a shape
  • Create a shape group
  • Use Shape Operations to create new shapes

Size and Position Task Pane

  • View and dock Size & Position task pane
  • Use task pane to resize a shape
  • Use task pane to resize multiple shapes
  • Use task pane to position a shape

Pan and Zoom Task Pane

  • View and dock Pan & Zoom task pane
  • Use task pane to zoom on drawing
  • Use task pane to pan drawing

Navigation Task Pane

  • View and dock Navigation task pane
  • Use task pane to find shape on page

Built-in Shape Stencils

  • Open shape stencils
  • Close shape stencils
  • Change stencil view
  • Search for shapes

Custom Shape Stencils

  • Create a custom shape stencil
  • Add a shape to a custom stencil
  • Rename shapes
  • Save a shape stencil

Page Setup

  • Print setup
  • Page Size
  • Orientation
  • Drawing Scale
  • Presentation mode

Rulers and Gridlines

  • View ruler and gridlines
  • Customise ruler settings
  • Customise gridlines


  • Add a vertical guideline
  • Add a horizontal guideline
  • Glue a shape to a guideline
  • Move a guideline

Background Pages

  • Insert a built-in background page
  • Insert a new background page
  • Attach background to a foreground page
  • Attach background to a background page

Floor Plans

  • Create a room layout
  • Convert space to walls
  • Add doors and windows
  • Resize doors and windows
  • Add furniture
  • Add accessories
  • Add electrical and telecom items

Organisation Chart Wizard

  • Create Excel spreadsheet of organisational data
  • Import organisational data using wizard
  • Automatically add pictures to an organisation chart


  • Create a new calendar
  • Format the calendar
  • Add calendar elements
  • Import a calendar from Outlook

Gantt Charts

  • Create a new Gantt chart
  • Format the Gantt chart
  • Schedule tasks
  • Link tasks
  • Import a Gantt chart from Project

Print Drawings

  • Set page orientation
  • Set paper size
  • Printer settings

Printable course information
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  • Basic computer experience, including keyboard and mouse skills
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows

If you are not familiar with using a computer or Microsoft Windows, the course Introduction to computers, will give you the skills to take this Visio course.