Microsoft Excel Essentials Training

Course Overview

The Microsoft Excel Essentials course is aimed at those who want to be able to create and edit basic spreadsheets containing simple calculations and links, and produce formatted and printable reports.

Detailed Course Content

Create an Excel workbook

  • Create a workbook from the Start Menu
  • Create a workbook from the Start Screen
  • Create a new workbook from Excel

Save an Excel Workbook

  • Save a new, previously unsaved workbook
  • Save (update) previously saved workbook
  • Save a workbook as a PDF document
  • Create a copy of your workbook
  • Pin a workbook to recent file list

Close & Open Existing Workbooks

  • Close a workbook
  • Close multiple workbooks
  • Open an existing workbook from Excel
  • Open a workbook from File Explorer
  • Open a recent workbook

Change Worksheet Views

  • Use the Zoom Slider
  • Freeze panes
  • Normal View
  • Page Layout View
  • Page Break Preview

Customise Quick Access Toolbar

  • Move the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Add common buttons to QAT
  • Add other buttons to QAT

Enter Data into a Workbook

  • Enter data vertically
  • Enter data horizontally
  • Move data to another cell
  • Insert a comment in a cell

Use Copy and Fill handle

  • Fill a custom list
  • Fill a series of word/number combinations
  • Fill a series of numbers or dates

Copy Data to another Location

  • Copy data to adjacent cells
  • View the Clipboard
  • Select data to copy
  • Select data to paste

Edit Data

  • Edit data in cell whilst typing
  • Edit data in the formula bar
  • Clear contents of a cell
  • Use spell check

Insert & Delete Rows & Columns

  • Insert a row / column
  • Insert multiple columns / rows
  • Delete row / column
  • Delete multiple rows / columns

Hide & Unhide Rows & Columns

  • Hide a row / column
  • Hide multiple rows / columns
  • Unhide row / column
  • Unhide multiple rows / columns

Use Find and Replace

  • Find data on current worksheet
  • Find data in current workbook
  • Replace data in workbook

Use Formulas

  • Adding numbers
  • Subtracting numbers
  • Dividing numbers
  • Multiplying numbers

Insert, Name & Delete Worksheets

  • Insert a new worksheet
  • Rename a worksheet
  • Delete a blank worksheet
  • Delete a non-blank worksheet

Move and Copy Worksheets

  • Reorder worksheets
  • Copy a worksheet
  • Copy worksheet to another workbook

Use Functions

  • Use SUM function
  • Use AVERAGE function
  • Use MIN function
  • Use MAX function
  • Use TODAY function

Link Data

  • Link to a cell within the same worksheet
  • Link to a cell on different worksheet
  • Link to multiple cells

Apply Font Formatting

  • Font and Size
  • Bold, Italic and Underline
  • Cell Borders
  • Font and Cell Colours
  • Use the format painter

Apply Quick Number Formatting

  • General
  • Number
  • Currency / Accounting
  • Short / Long date
  • Percentage
  • Text

Column Widths & Row Heights

  • Manually increase column width
  • Manually increase row height
  • AutoFit column(s)
  • Set multiple columns to same width

Align Data in a Cell

  • Basic cell alignment
  • Centre align text across multiple cells
  • Text orientation (angle)

Printing Worksheets

  • Set page orientation
  • Set paper size
  • Set scaling
  • Change margins
  • Repeat row / column header(s)
  • Print gridlines

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  • Basic computer experience, including keyboard and mouse skills
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows

If you are not familiar with using a computer or Microsoft Windows, the course Introduction to computers, will give you the skills to take this Microsoft Excel Essentials course.