Microsoft Outlook Essentials

Course Overview

The Outlook Beginners course is aimed at those who want to be able to effectively manage their emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes.

Detailed Course Content

Outlook Overview

  • Outlook Today
  • Mail view
  • Calendar view
  • People view
  • Tasks view
  • Notes view
  • Folders view
  • Shortcuts view

Mail View

  • Folder Pane
  • Reading Pane
  • To-Do Bar
  • Inbox
  • Other mail Folders

Create a Mail Message

  • Open new message window
  • Address a mail message (To, Cc, Bcc)
  • Add a message subject
  • Message body
  • Format a message
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Attach a document to an email
  • Send an email

Email Signatures

  • Create an AutoSignature for new message
  • Create an AutoSignature for replies
  • Create additional signatures
  • Select a signature

Receive a Mail Message

  • Read message in reading pane
  • Open a mail message
  • Print a mail message
  • Preview an attachment
  • Open an attachment
  • Save an attachment
  • Remove an attachment

Reply to a Mail Message

  • Reply to sender
  • Reply to all recipients
  • Forward mail to another person

Calendar View

  • Folder Pane
  • Reading Pane
  • To-Do Bar
  • Daily Task List

Calendar Types

  • My Calendars
  • Shared Calendars
  • Public Calendars
  • Other Calendars

View Calendars

  • Calendar views
  • View main calendar
  • View other calendars
  • Display calendars side-by-side
  • Overlay calendars
  • Print a calendar


  • Open a new appointment window
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Schedule a recurring appointment
  • Set a reminder
  • Save an appointment
  • Print an appointment
  • Reschedule an appointment
  • Copy an appointment
  • Delete an appointment

People View

  • Folder Pane
  • Reading Pane
  • To-Do Bar
  • Find a contact

Add a New Contact

  • Open a new contact window
  • Add contact details
  • Add a contact picture
  • Save a contact
  • Print a contact
  • Delete a contact

Task View

  • Folder Pane
  • Reading Pane
  • To-Do Bar

Add a New Task

  • Open a new task window
  • Schedule a task
  • Set a reminder
  • Save a task
  • Print a task
  • Delete a task

Notes View

  • Folder Pane
  • Reading Pane
  • To-Do Bar
  • Icon Views
  • List View

Add a New Note

  • Open a new note window
  • Type a note
  • Save and close a note
  • Print a note
  • Delete a note

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  • Basic computer experience, including keyboard and mouse skills
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows

If you are not familiar with using a computer or Microsoft Windows, the course Introduction to computers, will give you the skills to take this Outlook course.