Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Course Overview

The Microsoft Excel Intermediate course is aimed at those who wish to extend their knowledge & skills beyond building simple Microsoft Excel workbooks. The course covers more complex functions, such as IFs and LOOKUPs, and data analysis tools.

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8.30am to 3.30pm
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9.00am to 4.00pm
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8.300am to 3.30pm
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9.00am to 4.00pm
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Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course Content

Planning your workbook

  • Plan your Excel workbook

Workbooks and worksheets

  • Set workbook defaults
  • Protect worksheets & workbooks

Working with data in Excel

  • Create new custom lists
  • Import new custom lists
  • Edit custom lists

Formatting in Excel

  • Create custom formats
  • The format painter
  • Types of conditional formatting
  • Apply conditional formatting
  • Copy conditional formatting
  • Format as a table
  • Use cell styles
  • Protect cells

Linking data

  • Link data within a workbook
  • Link data between worksheets
  • Link data between workbooks

Formulas and functions

  • Search for functions
  • Relative cell referencing
  • Absolute cell referencing

Using names in Excel

  • Use names to make cell absolute
  • Use names to find data
  • Name cells using the name box
  • Define a name
  • Create names

Logical functions

  • IF function
  • AND function
  • OR function

Lookup functions

  • VLOOKUP function
  • HLOOKUP function
  • Find an exact match
  • Search within a range

Data validation

  • Creating manual drop-down lists
  • Using names to create drop-down lists

Sorting data

  • Sort data in alphanumeric order
  • Sort data by multiple columns
  • Sort data by month or week day
  • Sort part of a table

Filtering data

  • Filter data
  • Use a custom filter
  • Use wildcards in a filter
  • Clear a filter

Microsoft Excel intermediate content

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Pre-requisites for the Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course

  • Basic experience in using Microsoft Excel
  • Knowledge of simple formulas and functions
  • Alternatively, completion of Excel Beginners training course