Course Overview

The Word Advanced course is aimed at those who want to use Words’ referencing tools including Table of Contents, Index, Captions and Cross-referencing, as well as automation tools such as Macros, Building Blocks and Form Tools.

Detailed Course Content

Quick Parts

  • AutoText
  • Document Properties
  • Fields

Building Blocks

  • Save content as a building block
  • Create a custom category
  • View building blocks
  • Insert a building block

Table of Contents

  • Insert a built-in TOC
  • Create a custom TOC
  • Modify TOC styles
  • Change TOC layout settings
  • Update a TOC
  • Save TOC as a building block


  • Mark a word for inclusion in the Index
  • View / hide index entries
  • Insert and format an Index


  • Add a caption to a table
  • Select caption position
  • Format caption numbering
  • Create a custom caption label

Table of Figures

  • Insert a table of tables
  • Insert a table of figures
  • Insert a table of custom labelled objects
  • Modify table of figures styles
  • Change table of figures layout settings


  • Cross-reference to a table
  • Include a page number in cross reference
  • Cross-reference to custom labelled objects
  • Update cross-references

Footnotes and Endnotes

  • Insert a footnote
  • Insert and Endnote
  • Format footnotes and endnotes
  • Convert a footnote to an endnote

Bookmarks and Hyperlinks

  • Insert a bookmark
  • View a bookmark
  • Create hyperlink to bookmark in document
  • Hyperlink to bookmark in other document

Master and Sub Documents

  • Create a master document
  • Create sub documents
  • Insert subdocuments into master
  • View completed document
  • Update documents

Form Fields

  • Insert a text form field
  • Set text box format
  • Add default values
  • Insert a checkbox
  • Insert a drop-down list

Restricted documents

  • Restrict document formatting
  • Restrict document for form filling
  • Make document read-only


  • Create a formatting macro
  • Run a macro
  • Add a macro button to toolbar

Customising the Ribbon

  • Create a new tab
  • Create a group
  • Add a button to the group
  • Modify a button
  • Share a custom tab

FILLIN, SET and REF fields

  • View field codes
  • Insert field codes
  • Use FILLIN to prompt and fill in response
  • Use SET to save a response
  • Use REF to fill in more than one response

Printable Course Information
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  • Good experience in working with longer Word documents
  • Alternatively, completion of Word Effective Documents training course