Course Overview

The Word Objects and Referencing course is aimed at those who want to work with objects such as pictures, SmartArt, tables and shapes as well as use Words’ referencing tools including Table of Figures, Captions and Cross-referencing.

Detailed Course Content

Inserting Pictures

  • Insert a picture from your computer
  • View and insert online pictures

Resizing and Rotating Pictures

  • Resize a picture manually
  • Set a specific picture size
  • Rotate a picture manually
  • Set a specific rotation angle

Moving Pictures

  • Change wrap text layout option
  • Move a picture manually
  • Set a specific position

Arranging Multiple Pictures

  • Select multiple pictures
  • Align pictures horizontally
  • Align pictures vertically
  • Evenly space pictures
  • Group pictures
  • Ungroup pictures

Picture Adjustments

  • Add picture border
  • Light corrections
  • Change picture colour
  • Add picture transparency
  • Artistic effects
  • Picture background removal

Layering Pictures

  • Bringing a picture to the front
  • Sending a picture to the back
  • Re-ordering multiple layers

Inserting Shapes

  • Insert a default-sized shape
  • Insert a custom-sized shape

Formatting Shapes

  • Select shape style
  • Change shape outline
  • Change shape fill
  • Change shape effects
  • Change shape
  • Add text to a shape
  • Edit shape text

Inserting Process Diagrams

  • Insert a Basic Process diagram
  • Add a shape to the diagram
  • Change direction of diagram

Inserting Organisation Charts

  • Insert an Organisation Chart diagram
  • Add a shape to the diagram
  • Change the layout of the diagram

Formatting SmartArt

  • Change diagram colours
  • Change diagram style
  • Change diagram layout
  • Reset a diagram

Inserting Charts

  • Chart types
  • Insert a column chart
  • Change chart data
  • Save chart data
  • Edit chart data

Formatting Charts

  • Change chart type
  • Change chart colours
  • Change chart style
  • Add chart elements

Creating Custom Tables

  • Draw a table
  • Enter text into your table
  • Add pictures to your table

Formatting Tables

  • Align text horizontally
  • Align text vertically
  • Rotate text
  • Shade table cells
  • Change table borders
  • Change column width
  • Change row height

Changing Table Layout

  • Insert a row
  • Insert a column
  • Delete a row
  • Delete a column
  • Merge cells
  • Split cells

Table Properties

  • Align a table on the page
  • Wrap text around a table
  • Change cell margins
  • Prevent rows breaking over page

Other Table Features

  • Sorting text
  • Repeating row header on each page
  • Fitting a table to a page
  • Fitting a table to contents

Using Table Styles

  • Apply a table style
  • Modify a table style
  • Create a custom table style

Other Illustrations

  • Icons
  • 3D Models
  • Screenshot

Page Backgrounds

  • Change the background colour
  • Add a page border
  • Add a watermark

Using Themes

  • Change document theme
  • Change colour palette
  • Create custom colour palette
  • Save custom theme

Creating a Word Template

  • Insert a cover page
  • Add generic document text and objects
  • Insert a table of contents
  • Restrict document styles
  • Save document as a template

Using a Word Template

  • Create new document based on template
  • Modify template styles
  • Modify template (other than styles)

Inserting Captions

  • Add a caption to a table
  • Select caption position
  • Format caption numbering
  • Create a custom caption label

Creating a Table of Figures

  • Insert a table of tables
  • Insert a table of figures
  • Insert a table of custom labelled objects
  • Modify table of figures styles
  • Change table of figures layout settings


  • Cross-reference to a table
  • Include a page number in cross reference
  • Cross-reference to custom labelled objects
  • Update cross-references

Using Bookmarks and Hyperlinks

  • Insert a bookmark
  • View a bookmark
  • Create hyperlink to bookmark in document
  • Hyperlink to bookmark in other document

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  • Good experience in working with longer Word documents
  • Alternatively, completion of Word Tools for Longer Documents training course