Course Overview

The Introduction to Computers course is aimed at those who have little or no knowledge of working with Windows 10, and would like to be able to start applications, create folders, copy and move files, personalise Windows, search the internet, create and print basic documents.

Detailed Course Content

Navigate Windows 10

  • Navigate the Start Screen
  • Use Windows Search
  • Turn off the Computer

Customise Windows

  • Remove Unwanted Tiles
  • Add Tiles to Start Menu or Taskbar
  • Move Tiles on Start Menu
  • Group Tiles on Start Menu
  • Create Desktop Program Shortcuts
  • Change Desktop Background Picture
  • Set Lock Screen Picture
  • Change Account Picture

Work with File Explorer

  • Open File Explorer from Start Menu
  • Open File Explorer from Taskbar
  • Navigate File Explorer

Access Data Storage

  • Types of Data Storage
  • View Storage Devices in File Explorer
  • View Network Connections

Common Apps and Programs

  • The Calculator
  • The Snipping Tool
  • Paint
  • Photos
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Store
  • Microsoft Office

Work with Windows

  • Minimise a Window
  • View Minimised Window
  • Maximise a Window
  • Resize a Window
  • Move a Window
  • Snap Windows
  • Switch Active Windows
  • Scroll Vertically in a Window
  • Scroll Horizontally in a Window

Work with Folders

  • View Folders
  • Create a Folder
  • Rename a Folder
  • Delete a Folder
  • Copy a Folder to a Different Location
  • Move a Folder to a Different Location
  • View Files and Folders as a List
  • View Files and Folders as Icons

Work with Files

  • View File Type in File Explorer
  • Open a File
  • Create and Save a File using Notepad
  • Copy a File to a Different Location
  • Move a File to a Different Location
  • Rename a File
  • Delete a File

Use the Recycle Bin

  • View and Open the Recycle Bin
  • Restore Items from the Recycle Bin
  • Empty the Recycle Bin

View and Edit Printer Settings

  • View Available Printers
  • Add a New Printer
  • Set Default Printer
  • Set Printing Preferences

Printable course information

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