Course Overview

The Visio Advanced Features course is aimed at those who want to create more complex drawings and diagrams effectively and efficiently using custom stencils and templates and advanced drawing tools.

Detailed Course Content

Create New Shapes

  • Insert a picture from your computer
  • Format a shape
  • Create a shape group
  • Use Shape Operations to create new shapes

Size and Position Task Pane

  • View and dock Size & Position task pane
  • Use task pane to resize a shape
  • Use task pane to resize multiple shapes
  • Use task pane to position a shape

Pan and Zoom Task Pane

  • View and dock Pan & Zoom task pane
  • Use task pane to zoom on drawing
  • Use task pane to pan drawing

Navigation Task Pane

  • View and dock Navigation task pane
  • Use task pane to find shape on page

Built-in Shape Stencils

  • Open shape stencils
  • Close shape stencils
  • Change stencil view
  • Search for shapes

Custom Shape Stencils

  • Create a custom shape stencil
  • Add a shape to a custom stencil
  • Rename shapes
  • Save a shape stencil

Page Setup

  • Print setup
  • Page Size
  • Orientation
  • Drawing Scale
  • Presentation mode

Layout and Routing

  • Re-layout page
  • Show / Hide line jumps
  • Customise line jumps
  • Customise routing style
  • Centre drawing on page

Rulers and Gridlines

  • View ruler and gridlines
  • Customise ruler settings
  • Customise gridlines


  • Add a vertical guideline
  • Add a horizontal guideline
  • Glue a shape to a guideline
  • Move a guideline

Background Pages

  • Insert a built-in background page
  • Insert a new background page
  • Attach background to a foreground page
  • Attach background to a background page

Floor Plans

  • Create a room layout
  • Convert space to walls
  • Add doors and windows
  • Resize doors and windows
  • Add furniture
  • Add accessories
  • Add electrical and telecom items

Drawing Information

  • Document Stencil
  • Drawing Explorer
  • Shape Data Task Pane
  • Screen Tips
  • Diagram validation

Import and Export

  • Copy drawing to Word document
  • Insert linked drawing into Word document
  • Export shape data into Excel Spreadsheet

Organisation Chart Wizard

  • Create Excel spreadsheet of organisational data
  • Import organisational data using wizard
  • Automatically add pictures to an organisation chart


  • Create a new calendar
  • Format the calendar
  • Add calendar elements
  • Import a calendar from Outlook

Gantt Charts

  • Create a new Gantt chart
  • Format the Gantt chart
  • Schedule tasks
  • Link tasks
  • Import a Gantt chart from Project

Printable course information
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  • Basic knowledge of Visio
  • Experience creating simple drawings such as flow charts
  • Alternatively, completion of Visio Essentials training course