Course Overview

The Project Analysing and Reporting course is aimed at those who want to analyse project data including costs, format & create printable Gantt charts, create custom fields, tables, views and reports, as well as export data into Microsoft Excel or Visio.

Detailed Course Content

Project Settings

  • Add resource costs
  • Add task costs
  • Add planned fixed costs
  • Add actual costs

Highlight Data

  • Highlight using a predefined filter
  • Highlight tasks within a date range
  • Highlight tasks by resource

Custom Filters

  • Create a custom filter
  • Apply a custom filter
  • Edit a custom filter

Organising Tasks

  • Group tasks
  • Sort tasks
  • AutoFilter tasks

Using the Timescale

  • Change time periods
  • Modifying tiers
  • Format non-working time

Format the Gantt Chart

  • Change text styles
  • Add gridlines and progress lines
  • Work with progress lines
  • Format Gantt bars
  • Add bar text

Custom Fields

  • Create custom fields
  • Insert custom fields
  • Create a formula field
  • Modify a formula
  • Create a graphical indicator field
  • Create a lookup field

WBS Codes

  • View WBS Codes
  • Create WBS Codes
  • Renumber WBS Codes
  • Edit custom WBS codes

Custom Tables

  • Create a new table
  • Add fields to a table
  • Format a table field
  • Use a custom table

Custom Views

  • Create a single custom view
  • Create a combination custom view
  • Save current view
  • Use custom view

Visual Reports

  • Create an Excel visual report
  • Create a Visio visual report
  • Save a visual report as a template

Built-in project reports

  • View dashboard reports
  • View resource reports
  • View cost reports
  • View In Progress reports

Custom Reports

  • Create a custom report
  • Report page layout
  • Insert a table
  • Insert a chart
  • Save a custom report

Working with the Organiser

  • View the organiser
  • Copy customisations to other projects
  • Delete customisation from the global template

Printable course information
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  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Project and/or project management concepts
  • Alternatively, completion of Project Essentials training course