Course Overview

The Project Advanced Scheduling Concepts course is aimed at those who want to understand scheduling concepts such as work effort, contouring and levelling, as well as master and sub projects and resource pooling, to improve accuracy and effectiveness of scheduling.

Detailed Course Content

Project Settings

  • Select default Project view
  • Set date format
  • Set default work times
  • Set resource quantity unit of measure
  • Set summary task unit of time
  • Set work unit of time
  • Adjust standard calendars
  • Create new calendars
  • Set project start date

Lag Time

  • Enter lag time in working time
  • Enter lag time in actual time
  • Enter lag time as % of predecessor

Lead Time

  • Enter lead time in working time
  • Enter lead time in actual time
  • Enter lead time as % of predecessor

Inactivating a Task

  • Delete vs Inactivate
  • Mark a task as inactive
  • Mark a task as active

Constraints and Deadlines

  • Add a Must Finish On constraint
  • Add Start No Earlier Than constraint
  • Add a deadline
  • View deadline on Gantt chart

Work Effort

  • Duration vs work
  • Effort driven vs non-effort driven
  • Task types
  • Set default task type

Viewing Work Information

  • Task form view
  • Task usage view
  • Resource usage view
  • View work contouring type

Work contouring

  • Set task as Back Loaded
  • Set task as Front Loaded
  • Set task as Bell
  • Manually contour a task

Viewing Over Allocations

  • View in resource graph view
  • View in resource usage view
  • View in over allocation report

Resource Levelling

  • Increase duration of task
  • Increase number of resources
  • Add other resources
  • Allocate overtime
  • Extend work days

Project Templates

  • Save project as a template
  • Use a custom project template
  • Edit a template

Combining Projects

  • Combine projects
  • Change data in a combined project
  • Save a combined project


  • Insert subprojects
  • Create a read-only subproject
  • Insert task links

Shared Resources

  • Create a common resource pool
  • Link a project file to a pool
  • Assign resources from the pool

Downsizing Larger Projects

  • Split project into smaller projects
  • Link subprojects to resource pool
  • Create a master project

Printable course information
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  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Project
  • Good understanding of project scheduling concepts
  • Alternatively, completion of Project Essentials training course