Course Overview

The PowerPoint Advanced Features course is aimed at those who want to use the advanced features of PowerPoint to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their presentations.

Detailed Course Content

Create a Photo Album

  • Select pictures to include in Album
  • Add captions to pictures
  • Album layout settings

Create a Drawing on a slide

  • Insert shapes
  • Align shapes
  • Space shapes evenly
  • Group shapes

Add a SmartArt Diagram to a Slide

  • Insert a flowchart diagram
  • Edit a flowchart diagram
  • Insert an organisation chart
  • Edit an organisation chart
  • Other SmartArt diagrams

Add a Chart to a Slide

  • Insert a chart
  • Edit chart data with Excel
  • Format a chart

Insert Media Objects

  • Insert an audio object
  • Insert a video object
  • Insert a screen recording
  • Edit a media object

Use Action Buttons

  • Insert a navigation button
  • Other action button
  • Create a custom action button

Advanced Animation

  • Apply animation to SmartArt
  • Use Motion Path animation
  • Change animation speed
  • Change animation delay
  • Animation effect options


  • Create a hyperlink to a slide
  • Create a hyperlink to external file
  • Create a hyperlink to a web page

Slide Masters

  • View slide masters
  • Modify master font
  • Modify master bullet points
  • Add an object to all slides
  • Insert headers and footers
  • Customise slide layouts
  • Create a new slide layout

Handout Masters

  • View handout masters
  • Change page orientation
  • Set number of slides per page
  • Insert headers and footers

Notes Master

  • View notes masters
  • Change page orientation
  • Insert headers and footers


  • Create a PowerPoint template
  • Save a template
  • Use a PowerPoint template

Slide Show Advanced Features

  • Presentation navigation options
  • Hide slides
  • Highlight text during presentation
  • Draw / Write on slides during presentation
  • Save text / drawings to presentation
  • Set slide show timing
  • Automating and looping a presentation
  • Monitor settings

Printable Course Information
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  • Basic experience in using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of inserting basic objects and applying animations
  • Alternatively, completion of PowerPoint Essentials training course