Course Overview

The Outlook Time Management and Productivity course is aimed at those who want to use Outlook to improve their time management and productivity.

Detailed Course Content

Customise Email Folders

  • Insert columns
  • Remove columns
  • Change column widths
  • Reorder columns
  • Sort columns
  • Group columns

Work with Email Templates

  • Create an email template
  • Use an email template
  • Edit an email template

Create Email Template Macros

  • Create a macro to open email based on template
  • Add macro to Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customise toolbar button

Insert Standard Content

  • Save standard content as a building block
  • Insert a building block
  • Set up AutoText
  • Use AutoText

Organise Emails

  • Add a new email folder
  • Manually move emails to a folder
  • Set rule to move email to a folder automatically
  • Flag an email
  • Categorise an email
  • Add ‘note’ to emails
  • Mark email as read / unread

Use Email Search Folders

  • View search folders
  • Display a search folder
  • Customise a search folder
  • Add search folder to favourites

Search Emails

  • Search current email folder
  • Search mailbox
  • Search for emails with attachments
  • Set default search options

Work with Email Attachments

  • Search for emails with attachments
  • View email attachments
  • Save email attachments
  • Remove attachments

Archive Outlook Items

  • Archive settings
  • Edit specific folder archive settings
  • Run a manual archive

Work with Junk Email

  • View junk email
  • Mark email as not junk
  • Add contact to safe senders list
  • Add contact to blocked list

Delete Outlook Items

  • Permanently delete individual items
  • Manually empty deleted items folder
  • Automatically delete items in deleted folder
  • Delete old items only

Manage Conversations

  • View emails by conversation
  • Conversation settings
  • Ignore a conversation
  • Conversation clean up settings
  • Clean up conversations

Send Contact Details

  • Attach a contact to an email
  • Insert contact details in body of email
  • Attach a business card

Use Advanced Email Options

  • Direct replies to another person
  • Delay sending of email to specific date/time
  • Set email expiry date
  • Read / delivery receipts

Use Voting Buttons

  • Add voting options to your email
  • Responding to a voting email
  • Track voting responses

Edit Mail Settings

  • Spelling options
  • AutoCorrect options
  • Reading Pane options
  • Message notification options
  • Reply and forward settings
  • Send message settings

Edit Calendar Setting

  • Set work days and times
  • Set default reminder time
  • Add public holidays
  • Set calendar colour

Organise Meetings

  • Create and send a meeting request
  • Use the scheduling assistant
  • Track meeting request responses
  • Edit meeting location

Respond to Meeting Requests

  • Response options
  • Add reminder and categories
  • Add attachments to a meeting


  • Rename categories
  • Add new categories
  • Delete categories
  • Apply categories to an appointment

Searching the Calendar

  • Search calendar by text
  • Search for meetings that you have not responded to
  • Search for appointment by category
  • Search meeting request by organiser

Sharing Calendars

  • Give permission to view your calendar
  • Open another users’ calendar

Add Contacts

  • Add a contact from an email
  • View a contact from an email
  • Create a contact group
  • Edit a contact group
  • Email a contact group

Mail Merge

  • Select contacts to email
  • Set up your mail merge
  • Insert merge fields and send emails

Share Contacts

  • Send a sharing invitation
  • Setting contact folder permission level
  • Request access to other users’ contacts

Task Settings

  • Change current task view
  • Set default reminder times
  • Set reporting options for assigned tasks

Recurring Tasks

  • Set a recurring task
  • View a recurring task
  • Mark a single task instance complete
  • Delete a recurring task

Assigning Tasks

  • Send a task request
  • Receive a task request
  • Send a status report
  • Receive a status report

Navigation Options

  • Customise navigation icons
  • Reorder navigation icons
  • View Folders and Shortcuts

Shortcuts Navigation Pane

  • Add shortcut to Outlook folder
  • Add a shortcut group
  • Add a shortcut to a web page

Printable course information
Microsoft Outlook Time Management and Productivity Course Calendar View Calendar


  • Sound knowledge of Microsoft Outlook
  • Alternatively, completion of Outlook Essentials training course